Retreat in Norway

« Living with an open heart »

Sufi dance and meditation retreat

July 3rd to 5th, 2020 (in english)

Nøsen Yoga og fjellhotell in Norway

Welcome to a heart-opening and empowering experience in the beautiful Norwegian mountains

Coming together in a sacred circle, we will breathe consciously, connect deeply, ground our bodies and open our minds. We will dance and whirl and sing and pray in pure devotion, freeing and awakening our hearts. For the heart is the door to our soul and to the wisdom of unity, with the recollection that we all come from one source to which we will all return. Letting this wisdom flow from heart to mind and into all cells of the body may bring the very precious experience of unity and bliss which again embeds us in trust, allowing surrender.

One of the practices given in this retreat is the Dervish Whirling, a powerful meditation in movement allowing grounding, centring and opening of the whole being. The whirling dervishes turn around their axis, towards their heart, like the planets and the atoms, one hand to the sky and the other towards the earth, letting the divine blessings flow freely through their heart. Their gaze is turned inwards and each step brings them closer to their essence, letting go of everything they are not. With practice, they become like reed flutes through which breath becomes music.

We will open up with ecstatic practice and let it sink with sober practice, like inhaling and exhaling, connecting to heaven and earth, allowing our consciousness to widen and inform all our cells. We wish for a gentle transformation that will lift us, heal us and accompany our everyday life. This is part of our contribution to the shift of collective consciousness, which is demanded. Our contribution comes from the inside and spreads like circular waves in water, connecting with other circles worldwide and creating a web of renewed and uplifted consciousness.

The retreat is open to all spiritual seekers, regardless of their path or religion. There will be no lecture about Sufism, but rather an invitation to taste and to acquire greater self-knowledge through the experience. We will use the 99 Divine Names as mantras to awaken in us various divine attributes. We will also invoke the name of God, Allah in Arabic, as the all-encompassing and merciful power of creation. These spiritual practices are powerful keys to the heart and leave everyone free to live their own experiences supported by a group of other seekers. There is no dogma involved and no religious practices will be shared in the group.

The natural surroundings and majestic scenery of Nøsen hotel are major sources of anchoring and inspiration. Silent breaks will give space for contemplation and rest, and according to the weather, some practices may be done outdoor. All meals are vegetarian with vegan, gluten- and lactose free options.



Dates: July 3rd-5th, 2020

Location: Nøsen Yoga og fjellhotell in Norway

The retreat is lead by Aya Annika Skattum. As a transpersonal therapist, art- and dance therapist and whirling dervish, she is enriched by 20 years professional experience both leading groups and individuals, by travelling the world, by attending pilgrimages, retreats and trainings, and by her long-term engagement to a female Sufi teacher. Of Norwegian origin, she grew up in Africa and has lived more than 20 years in France.

This retreat will be led in English. Interpretation may be given in Norwegian and/or French if necessary.

Prices: 3600 NOK in shared room (max 4 pers.), 4000 NOK in double room and 4400 NOK in single room.

Meals: all meals are vegetarian with vegan, gluten- and lactose free options.

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