“Le Moulin des Hirondelles”


A healing and Retreat Centre
Where to learn how to live in the new world



At Le Moulin des Hirondelles, we learn to know ourselves and each other, to accept and respect our differences, and we learn to love. Love is at the centre, it is love that heals and unites us. Love is the vector of change that liberates us and prepares us for the world of tomorrow.


At Le Moulin des Hirondelles, we learn to live together in peace, to develop our emotional maturity and our capacity to welcome our emotions and various states of mind. We take care of ourselves while keeping a heartfelt link with the others. We believe in authentic, respectful and caring relationships and ways of expression.


At Le Moulin des Hirondelles, we learn to take responsibility for our actions and words and their consequences, to take care of our wounds, our defence mechanisms, limiting belief systems and unconscious resistance. By rising to our highest potential, we avoid the victim-slayer-saviour trap, we release creative energy and contribute to raising the level of collective consciousness.


At Le Moulin des Hirondelles, we learn to welcome what life presents to us, whether it is sweet or bitter, easy or difficult. potential, we avoid the victim-slayer-saviour trap, We seek support and help and avoid all forms of judgement, blame and backbiting, harassment, complacency or conspiracy.


At Le Moulin des Hirondelles, we learn to listen to our heart, our body, our intuition, the other, nature and all living beings. By listening to the heart, we develop empathy and we can speak truthfully without hurting the other.


At Le Moulin des Hirondelles, we learn to give ; to put our presence, time, energy, resources, knowledge and skills in the service of Nature and future generations in a selfless, generous and trusting way. We offer our support and encouragement to others, overcoming any feelings of jealousy, comparison or competitive spirit. We also learn to know and respect our personal limits and and to express them in a simple manner.


At Le Moulin des Hirondelles, we learn to make room for multiplicity, disagreement, errors, imperfection, impermanence and change. We learn to forgive ourselves, to forgive the other and to ask for forgiveness, not to want to be right, to make concessions, to let go and to focus on the best in the other.


At Le Moulin des Hirondelles, we learn to act and express ourselves with grace, in the most beautiful way possible. We learn to contemplate beauty, to share it, to create it and to offer it. We educate our conditioned ego by offering time to our soul and striving to accomplish our work, whatever it may be, as a spiritual practice.


At Le Moulin des Hirondelles, we learn to live in a natural environment, to create with the elements, to eat healthy food, to take care of our health on all levels, to cultivate the earth in a respectful way, taking care of nature in all its forms and seeking the balance of the ecosystems.


At Le Moulin des Hirondelles, we learn to limit our consumption on all levels, to share our purchases as much as possible and to share, repair and recycle what we already have. We try to buy as much as possible second-hand and locally.  We sort, compost and limit our waste, save energy, use renewable energy and we build and restore our houses with ecological materials.

Where is the Moulin des Hirondelles?

The Moulin des Hirondelles is located in Pluvigner in Morbihan, Brittany. It is situated in a vast and preserved green setting, crossed by water and surrounded by tall trees. Between beaches and forests, menhirs and cathedrals, the Moulin is a place dedicated to peace and away from any hustle and bustle.

Le Moulin is located 6 km from Pluvigner, a small but dynamic town between Vannes and Lorient. The nearest train station is Auray. From there we can pick you up.

If you are coming by car, use Google Maps or Waze which know about Le Moulin des Hirondelles.

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