« Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself

Djalal ûd Din Rûmî

The spiritual, therapeutic and artistic practices are for those who wish to contribute to a better world by revealing and sharing the treasures they have been given. It is a question of living one’s life rather than thinking about it, and following the impulses of the heart towards freedom; the freedom to be who you really are.

It is through the joy of walking together and the desire to meet your needs that I share the spiritual, therapeutic and artistic practices that have been passed on to me and that have helped me personally.

The practices respond to our fundamental and universal quest for love and knowledge. They aim to liberate and open the heart, to awaken the life force and give us the courage to see and express our truth.

The practices involve the body and are addressed to the soul. Between the two is the breath; this third element which makes it possible to transcend duality and to taste unity. 

All the proposed practices allow the alignment of the body, the soul and the spirit. This alignment leads to a more fluid, free flow of energy giving rise to a sense of centering, anchoring and tranquility, which promote healing. Connected to the infinite Source of love and knowledge, our thirst is sealed, we are united and soothed.

The practices transmitted

Conscious breathing allows an emotional, energetic and physical release, deep listening, openness and spiritual connection. It creates bridges between the inside and the outside, between the subtle and the dense, between the invisible and the visible. It allows us to experience peace and unity.

Creative dance allows you to untie the body, release the mind, release repressed emotions and get to know yourself and others while awakening creativity, life energy and the joy of living. One can dance without theme and on all themes, with the whole body or with a finger, with or without music, singing, humming, outside, inside, alone, in two or in a circle…

The trance-in-dance allows a connection and a liberation of the body and the spirit within a benevolent circle, accompanied by specific music. It is a collective spiritual and therapeutic practice, inspired by old traditions and adapted to a Western and contemporary audience.

Soul-map creation is an artistic and therapeutic practice through collage, painting, drawing and writing – an intuitive and spontaneous creation that allows one to be surprised by the images and colors, to awaken the creativity and let the unconscious speak out to know oneself better.

Creation in nature makes it possible to approach the elements in a personal way, to create with what is, to be fully present and to let inspiration come. The creation of mandalas, sculptures, assemblages, stackings and mobiles is done individually or collectively.

Conscious walking in nature or in the city allows more presence, more openness to what is, more kindness, a better anchorage and a relationship to the earth. It allows feeling the sensations of the body in motion, awakening the senses and marvel at beauty.

Intuitive reading allows a connection to the source, to learn to listen, to trust and to dare to tell the truth. It is a journey through symbols and metaphors, the language of the soul, which is done in pairs within a group.

Healing touch is used to awaken sensitivity, to learn to feel energy, to listen to the body’s call, to trust, to be available, to set one’s person aside to allow healing, to offer touch and to be touched. It is practiced by two or three, in a group, dressed, lying or sitting.

Moving meditation develops our ability to be present. By the coordination between breathing and movement, and by the release of the voice, we relax the deep muscles and the vocal cords; we release tensions and soothe the spirit.

Guided meditation allows deep interiorization, appeasement, alignment, and sincere observation. Suggestions and questions may be offered to allow a better self knowledge. It is practiced sitting, lying or moving.

The charing circle allows us to learn by listening to the experience and wisdom of others while offering our own. For each circle, a theme is proposed and we intend to connect our words to our heart. A time frame is presented allowing everyone to speak in a relaxed manner and also give space to others.

Sufi meditation, or the Dhikr which means “remembrance”, makes it possible to connect to the infinite source of love and mercy. By using Divine Names and mantras pronounced aloud or silently, the meditation reconnects us to who we really are.

The Whirling Dervish dance is a moving prayer in which each step brings us closer to the One, to the truth that dwells in our hearts. It allows an alignment between heaven and earth, an opening of the heart, an experience of centering, anchoring, expansion, peace and unity.

Participation in your events

I create and organize workshops and I respond to invitations, because each practice can be integrated into a training course, in a festival or other event you organize. As an example, since 2016 I have been working with Annick de Souzenelle’s Institute of Spiritual Anthropology and various associative events; international and local.

To invite me to participate

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