“Le Moulin des Hirondelles”

The offer

Le Moulin des hirondelles, in Brittany

Retreat and resource centre

A place of learning for the world of tomorrow

Le Moulin des Hirondelles is an oasis dedicated to the quest for the essential: it cultivates a return to oneself, living together and a true relationship with nature. The place is open to seekers of wisdom who wish to experience a concrete spiritual life, lived on a daily basis.

Le Moulin des Hirondelles, a centre for resourcing and retreat, for meditation and sharing, is also a place of collective life where everyone participates in caring for the interior and exterior spaces, with the intention of making each task a spiritual exercise.

At the Moulin des Hirondelles we combine contemplation and action, we care for our soul, our health and that of the earth. We practice listening and companionship, we learn to know ourselves through the mirror principle, without doctrine or dogma.

Healing Retreats / Individual Retreats

A framework is proposed for anyone who feels the need to come back to themselves, to find an inner balance, good health, a calm spirit. Our support is personalised and non-medical.

The stay lasts a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 nights. Accommodation in a single room, full board. Two individual interviews are included: one at the beginning and one at the end. The other proposals are “à la carte”, according to the needs of each person.

Monthly practice workshops

One Sunday morning per month throughout the year, I offer “Being at the heart / whirling dervish dance” workshops. No prerequisites or commitments are required.

We practice :

  • alignment between body, mind and soul,
  • centring, anchoring, balancing and opening,
  • conscious breathing and vibration through the voice,
  • awakening the the senses, in connection with the heart
  • movement meditation and guided meditation
  • awakening of intuition and communication with nature
  • healing circles from the Sufi tradition
  • whirling dervish

Group retreats and workshops

A retreat or workshop is a break for self-awareness and alignment with our inner self. Away from habits and distractions, we can dive inside and observe a gentle personal transformation.

In this collective space, we are particularly interested in the mirror offered by other people. And the surrounding nature that reveals us to ourselves.

The practices shared in the collective retreats are drawn from the spiritual traditions of the world, particularly Sufism.

Treatments, massages and talks

In addition to individual sessions, I offer energy healing, relaxation, conscious breathing and healing touch.

Melanie Noura Buonomo provides wellness massages for body and soul. She offers a beautiful presence, connected to the heart. She is certified by a German school and regularly trains in healing practices.

Participatory workcamps / volunteering

During the year, we organise workcamps led by craftsmen for one day or more. No prerequisites are required.

Volunteering stays are also available for people with specific skills, knowledge and experience, especially in the maintenance of green spaces and buildings.

Full board accommodation is offered in both cases in exchange for full days of work.


We have 3 rooms for rent, all nice and comfortable, with 2-4 beds each. They can accommodate a maximum of 10 people. They are located on the first floor, above the hall. They share a large bathroom and toilet.

The blue one has a beautiful view on the pond, the pink one is a real cocoon and the large one is spacious and bright. The mattresses are all new and of very good quality, as are the pillows, duvets and sheets.

During the summer months we have several pitches for your vans and motorhomes and a large area for camping. A ground floor bathroom and dry toilets are available to all.

The hall

Our hall was renovated in January-February 2022. It is very bright and spacious with its 80 m2 and large windows overlooking a wooden balcony to the south and the large terrace and pond to the north.

The wooden floor, the staircase, the earthen wall and the wood stove create a very warm atmosphere.

The room is furnished with a dining table and chairs, a large rug, two armchairs and plenty of cushions.

The site

On a plot of 3.7 hectares, several spaces are proposed. The pond in the middle, just in front of the house, offers a mirror of the changing sky, and is made alive by the presence of birds and fish. The river that runs alongside the property provides a very soothing sound, its water is soft and pure and its freshness much appreciated.

The large trees are like pillars between heaven and earth. They bear witness to past centuries and offer us their fruit and shade. The meadows are covered with a very soft grass in which it is pleasant to walk barefoot and lie down.

The animals

We have adopted several animals that have come our way; Iris the dog, Fleur the cat, the two rabbits, the 3 chickens and the 6 sheep.

We would like to welcome donkeys and more sheep. Please let us know if you are looking for a good family for your animals.

Among the wild animals, we are surrounded by birds of all kinds, we see rodents and hedgehogs, we see roe deer passing by and we hear wild boars.

Where is the Moulin des Hirondelles?

The Moulin des Hirondelles is located in Pluvigner in Morbihan, Brittany. It is situated in a vast and preserved green setting, crossed by water and surrounded by tall trees. Between beaches and forests, menhirs and cathedrals, the Moulin is a place dedicated to peace and away from any hustle and bustle.

Le Moulin is located 6 km from Pluvigner, a small but dynamic town between Vannes and Lorient. The nearest train station is Auray. From there we can pick you up.

If you are coming by car, use Google Maps or Waze which know about Le Moulin des Hirondelles.

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