“Le Moulin des Hirondelles”

The place

Le Moulin des Hirondelles

A healing and Retreat Centre

Where to learn how to live in the new world

Le Moulin des Hirondelles is located in a natural ecosystem to be preserved, where human beings take care of nature out of love, for us all, and for future generations. We learn to live together in peace, in awareness, in presence, through listening, respect, generosity, forgiveness, beauty and through multiple eco-gestures.

In the desert humanity is crossing today, we need oases to re-discover ourselves, refuges where we can re-centre ourselves, and springs we can drink from. Le Moulin des Hirondelles wishes to respond to those needs which affect us all, at one time or another in our lives.

A venue and a home

Some people live here permanently, others live in the surroundings and still others come for short stays. Our place is open to adults and youth, of all backgrounds, who adhere to our charter, who wish to learn from others, offer of themselves and contribute to a better world.

A place of ecological awareness

We strive to limit our consumption on all levels, to share, repair and recycle what we already have. We turn to renewable energies and ecological building materials.

The meals are home-made, 100% organic, vegetarian and balanced. We have a vegetable garden, an orchard and a chicken coop. We buy seasonal products, as locally as possible. We sort, compost and limit our waste. We have dry toilets and sheep that mow.

By staying at the Moulin, you will be made aware of these issues and invited to do the same.

A place of collective awareness

We practice and encourage listening, dialogue, respect, questioning, trust, patience, forgiveness and gratitude, key elements for living together in peace.

We pay particular attention to the balance between what we receive and what we offer. Human beings have plundered the earth so much that they are impoverished. The Moulin des Hirondelles with its abundant nature offers itself generously to us and invites us to do the same.

The history of the mill

One day in April 2021, Melanie and I discovered the wonderful world of the mill. We live and work here since 12 August 2021.

It is officially called Melin de Kerbastard St Guy but what we discovered is a paradise for swallows, human beings and all beings in transition. That is why we renamed it the Swallow Mill.

It was a grain mill: a place of transformation. The wheel and the machines are no longer there, but the water still flows and the transformation still takes place through a dynamic movement of life.

The history of the project

I believe that I have always carried this project in my heart, even before the creation of the Maison de la Paix in Paris, La Lourette in the Luberon, the Outouka Village in Casamance and La Fauvelle in the Pyrenees.

It seems to me even more urgent today to have havens of peace close to nature, places of resourcing in times of transition.

Not having children, this project is for me a matter of transmission, of sharing a vision and a state of being. I wish it a long life, well beyond my own.

The team

I am fortunate to have with me Melanie Noura Buonomo who cooks divinely, sings praises and gives massages for the well-being of body and soul.

She has lived abroad, studied languages and literature, performing arts and massage. She speaks French, German, English and Spanish, all to ensure an excellent welcome.

We are looking to expand our team with a man. Do not hesitate to contact us if you think of someone!

Download the charter of the venue

Where is the Moulin des Hirondelles?

The Moulin des Hirondelles is located in Pluvigner in Morbihan, Brittany. It is situated in a vast and preserved green setting, crossed by water and surrounded by tall trees. Between beaches and forests, menhirs and cathedrals, the Moulin is a place dedicated to peace and away from any hustle and bustle.

Le Moulin is located 6 km from Pluvigner, a small but dynamic town between Vannes and Lorient. The nearest train station is Auray. From there we can pick you up.

If you are coming by car, use Google Maps or Waze which know about Le Moulin des Hirondelles.

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