My journey

« I know that my spirit belongs to the Spirit of all Spirits. I know that I belong to the city of those who have no place. But to find my way there I need to let go of my knowing.
Djalal ûd Din Rûmî

As a transpersonal therapist, art and dance therapist and whirling dervish, I’m enriched by 20 years professional experience both leading groups and individuals, by travelling the world, by attending pilgrimages, retreats and trainings, and by my long-term association with a female Sufi teacher. Of Norwegian origin, I grew up in Africa and have lived more than 20 years in France.

My career is closely linked to my personal and spiritual journey. After a master’s degree in international marketing, I opened an interior decoration shop. Then I created trips and events and accompanied groups, embellished houses and gardens and invested myself in art, before starting a long course of studies in art therapy, transpersonal and psycho-corporal therapy, and in dance therapy.

As an independent therapist, creator and facilitator of workshops and retreats, I also enjoy working as a team in spiritual, therapeutic and artistic training and workshops and coordinating cultural and artistic projects.

For some years, it was my spiritual quest that took all my time. This quest had me travel, cross minefields and drink at the clear water source. I spent weeks and months in retreat, in deep introspection in order to taste my soul. This quest also asked me to leave everything; career, home and family, to find myself facing myself, free of social status and roles to play.
By gaining freedom, I paid the price of security and a certain belonging. I have welcomed the waves of loneliness, fear, sadness and despair just as I welcome the waves of forgiveness, gratitude, trust and surrender.

I know that it is the encounter with other beings that reveals me to the world; the mirror stretched to reflect my soul. There are people who are masters for me and I am a master for others, but in the end everything is companionship. I have had the opportunity to know qualified guides and therapists, especially Fawzia Al Rawi who continues to accompany me, with the wisdom and love that qualifies a master.

Today, I feel rich internally and more and more free to share this wealth. This freedom came with age, of course, but also through knowledge and self-love, the fruit of deep inner work, and through the connection to the Divine, an infinite source of love and beauty. Knowledge and love being the two wings of the bird of freedom, I cultivate one as much as the other. The transmission and guiding are thus balanced in my life, by times of retreat, silence and solitude.

«Humility is also to recognize that any creature in the universe is likely to teach you what you ignore.»

Djalal ûd Din Rûmî

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