“Le Moulin des Hirondelles”


Le Moulin des Hirondelles, Morbihan

Volunteer stays, regular help and participative workcamps

In generosity and help to others, be the water that flows
In affection and mercy, be the sun
In keeping silent about the faults of others, be like the night
Against anger and fury, play dead
In modesty and humility, be like the earth
In tolerance, be the sea
Appear as you are or be as you appear.

Jâlal ud Dîn Rûmî

Volunteering allows you to serve beauty, to be of service in a selfless way and to contribute to a collective work. In some spiritual centres this is called Karma Yoga, or Seva: a spiritual practice that calms the mind, opens the heart, sets the body in motion, and elevates the consciousness. The listening, presence and humility required have a very positive effect on our being.

Participate in the maintenance of the place

During your retreat, before or after a workshop or course, you can help in the garden or in the maintenance of the house.

Weeding, raking, sweeping, cleaning, or on the contrary, planting and building, all have a positive effect on us when the action is done with awareness and heart.

Participatory workcamps

Participatory workcamps are offered regularly. They are led by craftsmen or qualified people. We work as a team on a particular project.

We have already installed joists and cladding on a wooden building, plastered walls with earth, renovated a chicken coop and a wooden chalet, cut down fallen trees, built a wooden bridge and a dry stone wall. Other projects are waiting for the right time and the right team.

No prerequisites are necessary

No prerequisites are necessary for these workcamps, but we value your experience and knowledge. It is an opportunity to learn and share, to discover new materials and personal skills.

On one-day workcamps, lunch is provided. If the workcamp lasts more than one day, accommodation and all meals are provided. This is an immersion stay.

From March to October, immersion stay

We also welcome one person at a time, from March to October, for the maintenance of green spaces, buildings, animals and the vegetable garden or for the external installations.

Your experience, skills and physical strength will be rewarded with full board accommodation.

This is an immersion stay: we share meals, meditation and reflection time.

Occasional or regular help

If you live near us and have time, you can come on a regular or occasional basis to help with the garden, the animals and the plants.

If you have seeds or plants to donate, we welcome you with open arms. Come and plant and water with us!

Where is the Moulin des Hirondelles?

The Moulin des Hirondelles is located in Pluvigner in Morbihan, Brittany. It is situated in a vast and preserved green setting, crossed by water and surrounded by tall trees. Between beaches and forests, menhirs and cathedrals, the Moulin is a place dedicated to peace and away from any hustle and bustle.

Le Moulin is located 6 km from Pluvigner, a small but dynamic town between Vannes and Lorient. The nearest train station is Auray. From there we can pick you up.

If you are coming by car, use Google Maps or Waze which know about Le Moulin des Hirondelles.

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