Spiritual retreat in Brittany

“Beauty & Majesty”

Spiritual retreat for women

French-speaking group

May 26-29, 2022

Through meditation in motion you reveal your true nature, find inner peace and share the joy of living.

This retreat is reserved for women and is held in a beautiful, healing venue. The teaching given by Aya Annika Skattum is drawn from the spiritual traditions of the world, particularly from Sufism, and is open to any woman with a sincere quest for self-knowledge.

Through the gates of beauty and majesty, the feminine and the masculine, we will journey together towards the Heart so we may experience Unity, Peace and Love. We will invite expression of body mind and soul in order to fulfil ones true self.

The human being was created to unite heaven and earth, and our heart has infinite capacities. We are invited to experience unity in a world of multiplicity and, in order to find our place and live in peace, we must know and accept our condition, our destiny, our ego and our divine qualities.

The retreat is open to women with a sincere spiritual quest, an openness to all the traditions of the world and a desire to live a community experience. For the cohesion of the group and to support the path to the One, each woman is asked to be present for the entire workshop and to honour the group with her punctuality.

Through meditation in motion you reveal your true nature, find inner peace and share the joy of living. Conscious breathing practices help build bridges between the outside and the inside, the body and the mind, the visible and the invisible, and thus unleash our divine potential.

Meditations will enable us to connect our senses to our heart so that we can hear, see and feel a reality free from conditioning and mental restraint. Other practices will help us to anchor, centre and find inner silence.

Participants will be introduced to traditional practices adapted for a modern audience:

  • Conscious breathing
  • Silent and moving meditation
  • Yoga and Chi gong
  • Circle dances
  • Sufi meditation: Dhikr
  • Dervish whirling: Samâ
  • Prophetic healing practices
  • Recitation of Divine Names and mantras
  • Healing touch


Dates: May 26-29, 2022

Hours: from Thursday noon to Sunday 3pm.

Location: The retreat takes place at the Swallow’s Mill, our new retreat and healing center in Brittany, France. It is located on a land irrigated by water passages and bordered by tall trees. The outdoor spaces are magnificent and invite contemplation. Silent moments will be offered during the breaks in order to appreciate these surroundings. The address is Moulin de Kerbastard St Guy, 56330 Pluvigner. It is located 30 minutes drive from Vannes and Lorient, 20 minutes from Auray.

This retreat is conducted in French and a good level of the language is required.

Price: 220€/person + 100€ for the meals from Thursday lunch to Sunday lunch included. It is possible to arrive Wednesday evening.  The number of places is limited. Accommodation in collective bedrooms (100€ for 3 nights), in van or tent (30€ for 3 nights).

Travel: The closest train station is Auray, 20 minutes drive from the Mill. We may organise a transfer at fixed hours. Please buy your train tickets well in advance!

Registration: After a preliminary interview with Annika, the registration is done by email followed by your deposit cheque of 150€ payable to Annika Skattum, Moulin de Kerbastard St Guy, 56330 Pluvigner, or ask for our bank details for a transfer.

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