Welcome to my new website!

I am really happy to give birth to this new website, the product of a beautiful collaboration between Béatrice Pasquer from Caliago for the creation of the site, Gwladys Louiset from Brandographie for the photos, and myself for the texts. Other women have also contributed to its development, including those who participated in this year’s retreats, who agreed to be featured in the photos and to share their experiences. I thank each of them for having so kindly contributed to this work, which I hope will serve other women to reveal their souls.

I have long resisted recreating a personal website. One already existed, but it had become obsolete. In the meantime, I had created sites for two projects: Derviche Création, which no longer exists, and that of La Maison de la Paix which is still active. The resistance to redesigning my personal website, my “home page”, had the intention not to put my person forward, and to believe that the interested people would come; they would find me with divine help and by “word of mouth”.

This is certainly happening, but I also see how we all seek our happiness on the Internet. Google has become a master who shows us the way to go. The offers and information are all visible on the net and great means are used to attract the public, especially by the dark forces that seek to govern us through fear and separation. I think that if we do not use the technological means at our disposal to contribute to peace, if our offers are not visible when searching on Google, we are co-responsible for the destruction of the world.

I also see how the soul of Western societies is drained by materialism and individualism and how our individual souls thirst for connection. The “I” is too often in the foreground, governed by the fear of lack that prevents us from taking a step back and observing how to respond to the world’s needs. The world is in need of soul and souls are in need of connection. For the interconnected souls constitute the soul of the world. Each soul revealed, liberated, is therefore a contribution to a better world, a world where the living will return to the forefront.

One might think that technology has taken us away from life, and that is not untrue, but it is according to the use we make of it. If we spend our time in front of the screens and are not aware of our need for human exchanges, of the need to come together, to be seen, heard and touched, yes, technology takes us away from life and kills our souls. It’s like the knife that has many uses; you can cut the bread with it for food and you can kill with it. It all depends on our intention and our level of consciousness.

My intention with this website is to make the invisible visible, to respond to a need of beauty, love and connections, to be present where people seek, to contribute to the world by revealing my soul and inspiring others to do the same.

I hope you will enjoy this website, that it will inspire you and that the proposed meetings will make you want to travel to create real encounters, those that nourish our souls in depth and allow us to reveal ourselves to the world. Thank you for reading these lines and I hope to see you soon!

With all my heart,

Annika Skattum