Touch the peace of the depths 

In a world where human activity mistreats nature and abuses the individual, where economic and social crises follow one another, we are tempted to speak of collapses. Some also experience them in a personal way through the loss of a job, isolation or increased health problems. At first glance, everything in this world may seem ridiculous today; absurd, illusory, and if we stay on the surface of things we can easily lose the meaning of life.

In a way, we can imagine that part of this world is collapsing; the illusory part precisely, and that behind that, the truth is revealed. But what truth can we talk about today? Religious structures crumble along with the rest, trust is scarce, and everyone is left to have their own opinion. It is so easy to get lost in endless debates, insults and the spread of “fake news”, a trend that only compounds the confusion and drives rifts between us.

This agitation veils our true quest; the quest for the real truth that cannot be found in books, on TV, or in social medias, the quest for love that rarely matches what we imagine and the quest for peace that can only start from within. By perpetually seeking external truth and the love or approval of the other, we remain on the periphery of our being and cannot feel at peace. For in reality, peace resides in our depths and without a connection to this silent space within us, our hearts are disturbed and disconnected from the true meaning of life.

Jean-Yves Leloup reminds us in his book “An art of living and loving in times of disaster” that there is a place within us where things are doing well, where we are at peace. Despite all kinds of waves, storms, tsunamis on its surface, the ocean floor is calm, peaceful and silent. It is by connecting to this solid place within us that our questions and certainties subside, that we can feel and surrender to a force greater than ourselves. When everything is moving around us, we have two choices: either to get agitated with the general uproar, or to step back and turn inward.

This turnaround is not easy and requires both retreat and guidance. Many of you are expressing these needs. Our needs also relate to a healthy, safe and nourishing environment for body, mind and soul. And with you who live in the city, even more confined than usual, I sympathize with your lack of space, fresh air, birdsong and the birth of a flowering season.

I myself am in transition from Paris to Brittany and while waiting to be able to welcome you in a healing center in creation, we are pleased to offer you this spring, individual retreats in a beautiful place surrounded by a lush nature. Indeed, from April 28 until June 6, 2021, we invite you to the heart of Morbihan, Brittany to take a break, take a step back, rest, recharge your batteries and find inner peace.

And this summer, I will be in Norway where I offer individual retreats from June 19 to July 25, by the sea, close to the forest, one hour south of Oslo, and a collective retreat at Nøsen Yoga og Fjellhotell in Valdres from July 29 to August 1st. Hopefully the borders will be open so you may come from abroad. If not, this offer will be reserved for Norwegians.

The retreats consists of times of contemplation, mediation and rest punctuated by sessions of therapeutic and spiritual guidance. We will develop a tailor-made program according to your needs and the length of your stay. You will be accommodated in a separate lodge where your meals will be served and where your coaching sessions will take place. We advise you to spend at least two nights, in order to benefit from a real cut-off.

For any registration or additional information request, please contact us by email at the following address: or by phone at 06 22 74 44 37.

With all my affection, I wish you to walk towards peace and wholeness and to always strive for the best of yourself. May trust, perseverance, faith, courage, patience and gratitude be our allies during this collective challenge and may we remain united and compassionate with one another.

Aya Annika Skattum