What are we contagious with? 

Dear friends,

I hope these lines find you in good physical and mental health. This is what we wish for ourselves and one another these days and so much the better. It is time to return to the human, to the living, and realize its preciousness, its value. This pandemic has brought us back to the essential and forced us to enter our homes, and at best, to enter ourselves. 

I sense we have moved away from the essence and we have lost ourselves, as a humanity. You could say that we are paying the price for our nonsense. Yes, certainly our actions have consequences. We may follow conspiratorial thoughts that lead us to believe that the virus was created by a small clan of men who manipulate us from the top of a pyramid, and who want to eliminate small businesses to get their hands on world economy. Perhaps.

But above all, I see the benefits of the situation;

I see solidarity, human bonds that are created or take shape, circles of mediation and prayer being born and growing, I see an abundance of creativity, generous impulses, gratitude to caregivers, compassion towards those who have no home, tenderness towards animals, wonder in front of plants, self-care and efforts to stay in a beautiful energy and a high vibratory rate.   We talk about protective measures, tests, masks, treatments and we wonder how to strengthen our immune system. Finally, we are invited to realize how interconnected and contagious we are, beyond all borders and differences. How vulnerable we are too, and dependent on a social network. I hope that this consciousness will settle and grow beyond the pandemic.

We are one, we are energy more than matter and we transmit this energy.  Just think of someone you love to see your inner state change. And what about how we feel when we see our friends smiling on the screen, by Skype or by Zoom, or when we hear their voices on the phone? Our state is contagious, whether positive or negative, and we have power over those around us just through our state of mind.   So we see that the free will that has been given to human beings comes with great responsibility. We have the power to create harmony or chaos, to rise above the angels or to descend lower than the devil. How? Mainly by the thoughts that we cultivate and that we transmit, by our words and our actions. Do you think that the awareness that we are asked to cultivate to prevent the transmission of Coronavirus can include awareness of the thoughts that we cultivate?

We are faced with existential questions;

What do I want for myself and the world? How can I contribute, be useful? Before making a website, launching projects, changing job, divorcing or moving homes, I think it is urgent to take into account the importance of our internal state, how it is contagious and how everyone has the power to change it. You only have to look at nature to understand that what we nurture and water grows. So what do I choose to nourish?   If our inner state and our thoughts have an influence on those around us, imagine what influence they have on our health. Physical health, and more particularly our immune system, depends on our vibratory rate which is closely linked to our thoughts and the words and actions which ensue from it. All this is linked.

When I am angry, my body stiffens and my heart closes. When I think of someone I love, my heart opens and my body is light. We all know that, right? The radiance of a person in love spreads around him, raises the vibratory rate and strengthens the immune system, not only of the person, but also of those around him or her.

Healthy children and adults have a higher vibration rate than the sick and / or elderly.

By looking at the Coronavirus mortality statistics, we understand that this is linked. It therefore seems important to me, not only for ourselves, but also for those around us, to cultivate thoughts that elevate us and to make ourselves useful by being contagious through these good vibrations. The more of us there are, the more chance there is of seeing a socially inclusive and creative society emerge from this pandemic.

Happy inner growth and good health to you all.
With all my heart,

Aya Annika Skattum