What unites us is stronger than what separates us

My wish for a year of collaboration is already bearing fruit.  I am pleased to announce that Driss Benzouine and I will be coming together, for the first time, to conduct a course in Perpignan from May 1 to 3, 2020, combining two spiritual traditions: Yoga & Sufism.

It is in these two traditions that we have walked for over 20 years, each in our own way, and it is a great adventure to unite them, in the service of the Greatest. If we imagine the course of time, not as a horizontal line, but as a circle, the first and the last revelation unite at the same point. We find the first sacred texts in Vedanta, from which Yoga flows, and we find the last sacred texts in the Koran, on which Sufism is based.

How to translate this union in our contemporary lives? How to articulate them in us? How do these spiritual practices work for and in us? Which parts of us are activated and which are pacified? How do you find the balance between action and receptivity? What is the spirituality of our body? And what role does our mind play? What is the 3rd element that helps us to transcend duality in order to touch unity? How to use the breath in a conscious way, so as to promote both concentration and relaxation? All of these issues will be addressed and many more.

We invite both men and women to take part in these few days of inner search. We want to initiate experimentation, both individual and collective, combining body, mind and soul. “What unites us is stronger than what separates us” already announces the color. Each one is invited to find this point of union in her or himself. These are of course the feminine and masculine principles in us, but also the new relationships that are imposed today, between men and women.   We, Driss and I, combine our qualities and skills in common service for you, and we hope many of you will join for this first meeting, in May 2020.

ANNIKA SKATTUM is a transpersonal therapist, art and dance therapist and whirling dervish. She is enriched by 20 years professional experience both leading groups and individuals, by travelling the world, by attending pilgrimages, retreats and trainings, and by her long-term association with a female Sufi teacher.

Of Norwegian origin, she grew up in Africa and has lived more than 20 years in France.


DRISS BENZOUINE is a humanistic and transpersonal psychotherapist and has been a trainer of yoga teachers for 20 years. He leads workshops and retreats at an international level by associating Yoga, personal development and Sufism.

Through his experience with traditional masters in India and Morocco, he follows the Tantric current of Hatha Yoga as well as the Sufi path.


Dates: May 1 – 3, 2020

Title: Yoga & Sufism. What unites us is stronger than what separates us.

Time schedule: Friday 10 a.m. to Sunday 5 p.m.

Teaching cost: 280 €

Location: Near Perpignan. You will be informed of the exact location when you register.

Lunch: “Spanish inn”, everyone will bring their specialty which we will share together.

Possible accommodation: Hôtel des Vignes, Avenue René Victor Manaut in Rivesaltes (next to the train station). You have a Perpignan / Rivesaltes and Airport / Rivesaltes bus connection. If you come by train there is a stop at Rivesaltes.

Price per night for 2 (without breakfast) 32 €

Price of the night in a room only (without breakfast) 35 €

Breakfast 7€. Tourist tax per day 0.95 €

Important: Do not forget your yoga mat, cushion, a light blanket to cover yourself, socks, and if you have one, a long, loose skirt.

Registration and information: Marie-Jo Bichonnier – 07 70 19 35 98 – mjb66ulysse@yahoo.fr

Annika Skattum