2020, a year of collaboration!

In this beginning of the year 2020, I send you all my best wishes.

I wish for us to listen to our hearts and make our dreams come true, not at the expense of others, but with others. I believe we have reached a culmination of individualism and that the trend is inevitably rocking. Collaboration is now essential and we are facing new perspectives and new possibilities. But we are also facing our fears. Fear of losing our place, our freedom, our independence, our individuality and fear of losing ourselves, of not knowing who we are (if we ever knew!), etc.

How can we keep our individuality, our uniqeness, within the collective? How can we lean on others without crushing them? How can we support others without fading? This is about learning the art of balance and who else would be the master, than the heart?

But listening to the heart is not that simple. Lots of other voices mingle and we sometimes don’t know where to turn our head. A pause is then essential. A pause and silence. A pause, silence and practices to help us really listen.

It is with this intention that I offer some gatherings and retreats away from our usual environment. This “stepping back” may open, not only our heart, but also our mind and consciousness, and make us actors contributing to the elevation of collective consciousness. And this, we know, is an emergency!

Many thanks to all of you for who you are. I hope to see you soon!

Annika Skattum