How to contribute to change?

Dear friends,

We are entering the winter period, a period which, according to the laws of nature, calls for more inner reflection, more silence and more solitude. Why is this important when the world is doing so badly? Is it not more important today, in the face of the emergency, to follow the news, to strike, to sign petitions and to demonstrate in the streets?

I would say that, in the face of urgency, we must first step back, return to the source of humanity, to the source of creation itself, to set the record straight, to question ourselves as a responsible member of society, to ask ourselves how we want to contribute to change, how we want to get out of this vicious circle of destruction, to perhaps offer the new generations a better world.

It does not prevent us from acting on the ground, which is undeniably necessary, but our action will not be a reaction. It will be nourished by true reflection, a defined goal, greater clarity and a beautiful intention of peace and fraternity. By returning to our human values based on compassion and generosity, we can gradually overcome the fear of lack and the thirst for power, two forces that govern the world today.

There is no other way to peace and harmony than to identify, accept and welcome our fears so that they release their hold on our lives. As long as they are lodged in our unconscious, they govern us, they limit us and they direct us to make decisions against our true values. At every moment, we make decisions and at every moment we have the choice to contribute to harmony or chaos. This free will is a great responsibility that has been given to human beings. Are we up to the task of fulfilling this responsibility?

Turning our back on the world is hardly a solution because it only reflects the state of our collective consciousness. Fighting the world as it is does not lead us to peace either. So what to do? I would say that it is time to build bridges between our inner world and the outer world, that it is essential that each of us nourish and elevate our own individual consciousness to nourish and elevate the collective consciousness. For the outside world will change through each person. Or as Mahatma Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

This requires each of us to have the courage and above all the kindness to observe ourselves, to identify the beliefs that limit us and the fears that hold us back, to return to our true values and aspirations, to our dreams and to our ability to achieve them. This requires connecting ourselves to our own source, to our own truth, to be less influenced and distracted by external demands, to cultivate trust and surrender, and finally to act serenely in the world.

On this subject, I would like to quote Fawzia Al Rawi who puts it this way: “If you want peace in the world, you must accept the inner struggle. The closer you get to your true being, the more you can change external things, but to get close to it, you have to fight your own demons. The inner warriors are outwardly peacemakers. It is only with a high consciousness, the result of an inner struggle, that we can really contribute to external peace”.

I would add that there are as many ways to contribute to change, as there are human beings. Each of us has received qualities and developed skills that we can use. There is no ideal, no place or task more important than another. There is no better age group, race, nationality, culture, social class or occupation than another. The cultural and social diversity of today’s world requires us to see this reality, to overcome our fears, to open our minds and to welcome contributions as they come. This is also part of the inner struggle!

I thank those who have read these few lines that I have written as a contribution to our collective work. I wish you good moments of reflection, in solitude or in good company. I wish you to nourish your soul well, listen to it and allow it to reveal itself to the world!

Annika Skattum